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Jan 19 2023

NRW With the sustainable, climate-neutral and digital transformation and its financing, our economy is facing major challenges. In view of the necessary scale of investments, the central problem of transformation financing is that private capital is actually invested here. For this to happen, investors and capital seekers must find each other and the networking and financial ecosystem must be improved. Our financial centre initiative with its focus on transformation financing serves this purpose. It brings together the banking industry, insurance companies, private equity, stock exchanges, companies and academia and mobilises more capital and awareness for the transformation. FinTechs and InsurTechs complement the solution approaches.


For the financial centre and business location, the expansion of the ecosystem and the bringing together of the players are of crucial importance. Strengthening transformation finance, the financial centre and new solutions can be better achieved together.


The topic will be further explored here across events, expert reports and expert contributors. Contributions, videos and presentation documents are available for previous events:


Opportunities of securitisation for transformation financing of the economy

The significance of the European capital market for the transformation of the economy

Chance, risk and financing the energetic transformation

Opportunity, risk and financing of the digital transformation


Expert opinions/studies:


How banks can be enabled to finance social change

Digital and climate-friendly transformation of the economy in NRW: study identifies investment needs of up to 70 billion euros per year


Technical papers:

Sustainable Finance – a challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises?

The financing and networking of key technologies

The role of portfolio emissions in transformation financing

Instruments of transformation finance and their relevance


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