Strategy paper for the Stuttgart Financial Center

Apr 21 2021

Stuttgart „Stuttgart’s Declaration on the Sustainable Transformation of the Financial Center“ was presented on April 20 as part of the Financial Center Summit 2021. The financial center initiative Stuttgart Financial was in charge in close cooperation with the institutions in the financial center and the consulting and auditing company Ernst & Young as content companion. In addition to players from the financial sector, companies from the real economy and representatives of educational and research institutions are also involved in the development of the strategic orientation.

The new sustainability strategy takes up reference points at state, federal and international level and takes into account requirements of the European Union. The concrete activities at the Stuttgart financial center within the framework of the strategy will be based on the five fields of action of the „Financial Centers for Sustainability“ (FC4S) initiative of the United Nations. These include strengthening strategic commitment, for example by reducing the carbon footprint in accordance with science-based climate targets, as well as strengthening market integrity through continuing education programs and cooperation with universities and colleges. Capacity building on sustainability, promoting innovation and supporting the real economy are also to be driven forward in projects. Behind this is the common goal of becoming a leading sustainable financial center.

The Stuttgart Financial Center’s strategy paper on sustainability and an overview of the participating institutions can be found on the Stuttgart Financial website.

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