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Jürgen Schnitzmeier, ZENIT GmbH
Spokesperson Germany Finance 2024

Transformation financing is the focus of Germany Finance in 2024

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In 2024, the partners of Germany Finance are focusing in particular on the topic of transformation financing as the biggest challenge currently facing the financial and real economy. „Digitalization and decarbonization are not only triggering gigantic investment and financing requirements with new risk factors. They are forcing banks and the credit industry, as well as companies, to make disruptive adjustments to their products, processes and business models,“ says Schnitzmeier, explaining the focus of Germany Finance: „The transformation of the financial and real economy is already in full swing, but the pressure on players, particularly in the banking and financial sector, to act is increasing.“ As a basis for the work, an international comparative study on the financing of the transformation in the USA and Europe with a focus on Germany is planned in order to derive recommendations for action for policymakers and players in the financial ecosystem in Germany.

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